FRESH & CLEAN™ Automated CPAP Equipment Cleaner and Sanitizer with 2 Various-Sized Hose Adapters

Warm, moist environments like the inside of a CPAP mask, hose (tubing) or humidifier (water reservoir) can become breeding grounds for mold, germs, and infectious bacteria.  It’s necessary for your health to sanitize your CPAP equipment about once or twice a week to lower your chances of getting sick.  The FRESH & CLEAN™ CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer makes it easy and you can sanitize in two modes – ozone OR UV.  Best of all, it's half the cost of other machines.

Compare the FRESH & CLEAN™ to the SoClean™.  OK, but really, there is no comparison!  

  • FRESH & CLEAN™ offers UV OR ozone sanitizing technologies
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is easier to operate
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is much lighter
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is much smaller
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is much quieter
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is just as effective
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ does NOT need expensive check valve replacements
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ offers multiple uses: (the UV sanitizing mode) can be used to sanitize cell phones, TV remotes, toothbrushes, pacifiers, baby bottles, hair brushes, combs, etc.
  • FRESH & CLEAN™ is's only $149.95!!!!

DESCRIPTION: One leading competitor sanitizer utilizes Activated Oxygen (which is also known as ozone) to kill germs and bacteria while another leading competitor uses ultraviolet light (UV) to kill germs and bacteria.  Our FRESH & CLEAN™ is the first ever CPAP sanitizer to offer ozone OR UV sanitizing technologies.  The automated FRESH & CLEAN™ kills 99.9% of CPAP germs and bacteria in your mask, hose (tubing), and humidifier (also known as a water reservoir) with no water or harsh or messy chemicals.  

The FRESH & CLEAN™ can be used with or without a heated humidifier.  The inside chamber of the shoebox-size FRESH & CLEAN™ is designed specifically so that multiple mask types can be sanitized, from nasal pillow masks to full-face masks.  

It is recommended to sanitize your CPAP mask, headgear, hose and humidifier at least once or twice weekly:

Sanitizing Option 1: If you don't like the "clean" smell of ozone on your mask, you can sanitize your mask and headgear with UV ONLY.  You will still need to periodically sanitize your hose and humidifier with the ozone.

Sanitizing Option 2: If you like the "clean" smell of ozone on your mask, you can sanitize your mask, headgear, hose and humidifier all at the same time with ozone.  Ozone is the recommended mode of sanitization because of its ability to permeate (see "OZONE" below).

Please note that the FRESH & CLEAN™ ozone-generator fan is exceptionally quiet and provides an extremely small (5.06CFM) amount of ozone flow.  The fan gently propels the ozone into the chamber (if the inside port cover is open) and into into your hose and humidifier (if the outside port cover is open and your hose is attached).  

OZONE: Ozone is a natural-occurring substance and is made from oxygen.  Ozone is one of two sanitizing modes used by the FRESH & CLEAN™ to completely deodorize and sanitize your CPAP equipment.  The unit generates its own ozone so there is no need for consumables.  Since ozone is a gas, it can deodorize and sanitize those hard to reach places on your CPAP equipment, making sure you get a greater than 99.9% kill rate of bacteria, viruses and molds.  Most users describe the that the ozone sanitizing process leaves your CPAP equipment with the scent of a “fresh spring rain” – without any residue.  With ozone, you gain the peace of mind that your CPAP equipment is clean and safe from harmful bacteria, like Staph and MRSA.  After completing its job of killing bacteria and germs, ozone reverts back to oxygen. 

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV): The FRESH & CLEAN™ works by emitting high energy light within a narrow spectrum referred to as UV.  The FRESH & CLEAN™ relies on a high-intensity, quartz glass lamp (rated at 1,000 hours) designed to produce the highest amounts of UV light – where 90% of energy is generated around 254nm.  This energy spectrum is very close to the peak of the germicidal effectiveness curve of 265nm, the most lethal wave to microorganisms.  The dose of UV emitted in one 5-minute cycle is sufficient to kill 99.9% of bacteria on a surface.

While the FRESH & CLEAN™ is labeled a "cleaner and sanitizer", it not designed to wash facial oil from a CPAP mask.  For removing facial oil, gently wipe mask with CPAP wipes or a moist towel.


  • Sleek Design and Small footprint - fits well on your nightstand
  • Fast - Push-Button Start, 5-minute UV cycle or 30-minute ozone cycle and completely automated
  • Easy-to-Use - One-button operation with indicator light throughout the cycles
  • Same sanitizing processes - UV and ozone are used in water purification, hospitals, and produce handling
  • Included - Included with your FRESH & CLEAN™ purchase are two (2) various- sized hose adapters (will fit most every hose available), one USB power adapter and one USB power cord
  • Warranty - One (1) year


  • Effective - Destroys 99.9% of CPAP germs, bacteria and other pathogens
  • Reduces Illnesses and Incidences of Infections – Includes Staphylococcus aureus & Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – ozone tested on STAPH, MRSA, and Candida bacteria with over a 99.9% kill rate
  • Safe – Unique Smart Technology controls ozone at or below regulatory limits
  • Green Technology – Uses ozone for a chemical-free clean, with no need for bleach, iodine or hydrogen peroxide
  • Micro-organism Kill Rate: Greater than 99.9%

Weight: 1lb - 9oz
Inside (Chamber) Dimensions: 9 5/8" L x 4 1/4" x 2 7/16" D

Outside Dimensions: 10 1/8" L x 5 7/8" x 3 5/8" D

Q & A

Q. Is the FRESH & CLEAN harmful to me?                                                                      

A. No.  The ozone generator is always kept at a safe level and the excess ozone is eliminated through the ozone elimination cycle.  After the ozone does it job of killing bacteria and germs, its reverts back to oxygen.

Q. How do I know that my FRESH & CLEAN™ is truly sanitizing?                                  

A. After the disinfecting process has been successfully completed, the cycle indicator light will shine and your CPAP equipment will have a light, clean scent.

Q. What Materials Can Be Sanitized?            

AUV: Virtually any material can be sanitized with UV light.  Ozone: Nylon, natural rubber and memory foam break down when exposed to ozone.  Most             manufacturers typically do not use these materials in their masks, headgear, hose or humidifiers.  If your mask has a memory foam cushion, remove the cushion before placing your mask inside the FRESH & CLEAN™ (if using the ozone option).  To determine what materials your CPAP and CPAP accessories are made of, contact your CPAP manufacturer.

Q. My mask feels oily, what should I do?                                                                        

A. Skin chemistry is unique.  Some individuals with an oily skin type may need to hand-wash the mask occasionally.

Can Ozone Kill Viruses and Bacteria?
Ozone is exceptionally good at tackling harmful bacteria and stopping it dead.  Because of ozone’s highly reactive properties, it means that it simply reacts with the bacteria and destroys it.  When an ozone molecule meets a bacterial cell, it starts to break it down by making a hole in the bacterium’s cell wall.  This is what holds the cell together, and without it the bacteria will begin to fall apart.  This will happen countless times, ozone molecules coming into contact with the bacteria, making the same holes and rapidly eradicating the bacteria.

Ozone’s nature as a gas means that it is able to filter through to any location it needs to get to. Bacteria’s favorite breeding grounds are warm, dark places (like the inside of CPAP hose and humidifiers) that are often very difficult to reach using traditional cleaning and treatment methods.  You may not even know where these crevices and hidden places are, which means you’ll have great difficulty finding sources of bacteria and stamping it out.  Without ozone, you’re basically only managing the problem rather than tackling it at source, costing you time and money in the long-term.  Ozone can reach the hidden places, destroy the bacteria on a more permanent basis—by eradicating it completely rather than relying on half measures, problems with odor and bacteria are much slower to re-emerge.  With bacteria, the same as any microbial problem, if even a little is left alive, it will re-propagate and very quickly become as much of a problem as it was before. Think of it like pulling up weeds—unless you get the roots, the weed will be back, and sometimes in even greater numbers.

FRESH & CLEAN CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

FRESH & CLEAN CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

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FRESH & CLEAN CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

 FRESH & CLEAN™ Automated CPAP Equipment Cleaner and Sanitizer with 4 Various-Sized Hose Adapters (save $50 off of regular price of $199.95)