Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit

(Does NOT include sling or lift)


 The Hutchison Medical HM-400 Electronic Digital Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit is used to weigh bed-ridden or non-ambulatory patients who are suspended by a patient lift.  This kit is certified to lift patients weighing up to 400lbs and can be used with any patient lift and any patient lift sling.  The kit easily attaches to the spreader bar (or cradle) of any patient floor lift (sometimes known as a Hoyer Lift) or ceiling lift.  It will also attach to the arms of any battery-operated portable patient lift.  The HM-400 Patient Lift Scale Kit will easily attach to:

  • The spreader bar (or cradle) of any floor lift (such as a Hoyer lift, Invacare lift, Lumex lift, Bestcare lift, Medline lift, Prism Medical lift, ArjoHuntleigh lift, Drive Medical lift, Graham-Field lift, etc.)
  • The spreader bar (or cradle) of any ceiling lift
  • Any battery-operated portable patient lift (such as a Voyager, V-3, Maxi-Sky, P-300, P-400, etc.)  

The HM-400 kit DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DISASSEMBLY OF THE LIFT, is very easy to attach (it takes about 1 minute) and the procedure is quickly learned.  The 

HM-400 kit contains a heavy-duty scale with a 400 lb weight capacity and is perfect for use in any home care situation or even institutional care.  The HM-400 kit is not compatible with any sit-to-stand or stand-assist lifts where the patient is bearing weight on their legs.  The HM-400 kit is the most affordable option for weighing your bed-ridden or non-ambulatory patient at home.  The backlight LCD display and indicators on the electronic scale are easy to read in any lighting condition.  The scale has a handy hold function which keeps the reading visible on the display after the weight is settled, allowing the operator to safely record the patient's weight. 

Scale Features

  •  Three units of measurement: (kg - kilogram), (lb - pound) or jin.
  • Tare function (zero resetting)
  • Automatic or manual data memory lock
  • Low power and overload indicator
  • Auto power off in 120 seconds without operation
  • To replace batteries, remove the battery cover and insert two (2) AAA batteries into the battery compartment.  Replace battery cover


 The HM-400 kit is designed to be attached and removed from your patient lift easily and quickly each time that you need to weigh your patient.  Our recommendation is to use the HM-400 kit only periodically (and not continuously) to weigh your patient.  Reasons for our periodic-use recommendation:   

1) When attached, the HM-400 kit adds approximately 17" of length to your existing spreader bar setup.  This means that you will have approximately 17" less lifting height.  If using a floor lift (Hoyer-type lift) that does not raise your patient very high, it may be necessary to first transfer your patient to a lower seat or bed before you begin the weighing process.  This step should not be necessary when using the HM-400 kit with floor lifts that lift a patient quite high or when using the kit with portable patient lifts (such as a Voyager, V3, Maxi Sky, P-300, P-440, P-600, etc.) or ceiling lift spreader bars.  

2) The HM-400 kit spreader bar, while extremely heavy-duty, is shorter than the spreader bar on your patient lift.  You should always use the spreader bar on your patient lift for day-to-day lifts because it is larger than the HM-400 kit spreader bar and allows for the patient's girth to be spread over a wider area ultimately allowing for a much more comfortable lifting experience. 

Kit Spreader Bar and Sling Weight

The final weight measurement of your patient will include the weight of the kit spreader bar, carabiners and your sling.  To determine the weight of your patient, you must first weigh the kit spreader bar, carabiners and sling without the patient to determine their combined weight.  This step is required only one time unless a different sling is used.  Each time you weigh your patient, you will deduct the weight of the kit spreader bar and sling when figuring the weight of your patient. 

What's Included

  • One (1) Nylon Strap (Certified Weight Capacity: 400 lbs)
  • One (1) Digital Electronic Scale (Certified Weight Capacity: 400 lbs)
  • Four (4) Carabiners (Certified Weight Capacity: 400 lbs)
  • One (1) Spreader Bar (Certified Weight Capacity: 400 lbs)
  • One(1) Year Limited Warranty

Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit

 Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit will work with any patient lift and any sling.  Attaches in less than a minute.