Know your sleep apnea risk in just

1 night at home with the FDA-approved

ApneaStrip™ screener.

FRESH & CLEAN™ CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer


 The automated FRESH & CLEAN™ kills 99.9% of CPAP germs and bacteria in your mask, headgear, hose, and humidifier with no water or harsh or messy chemicals 

Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit

Hutchison Medical HM-400 Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit.

Now you can weigh your patient at home with the Hutchison Medical HM-400 Patient Lift Weight Scale Kit.

ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift

ORBT PatienTrasfer ft

The EZ-Access ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift features an articulating arm and a pivoting stanchion that each rotate 360 degrees to provide precise all-around flexibility, even in tight spaces.  Designed to be used with a Portable Lift and a sling, the ORBIT’s non-intrusive design allows the unit to be placed in small bathrooms or anywhere in a home or school.

Prism Medical P-440 Portable Lift

Prism Medical P-440 Portable Lift

The P-440 is lightweight, portable and offers a lifting capacity up to 440 lbs.  The P-440 has a pneumatic hand control as well as on-board controls.

Prism Medical Pressure Fit 2-Post Patient Lift System

Prism Medical Pressure Fit 2-Post Patient Lift System

The 2-Post Pressure Fit Patient Lift System is our newest in portable lift solutions.  Providing all the same benefits of a standard ceiling lift, but without the requirement for structure attachment.  Its accommodating weight capacity of 440 lb. can handle many unique transfer needs while providing the utmost in safety for both the patient/resident and the caregiver.

Prism Medical FST-300 Freestanding Lift System


Perfect for residential or institutional use, the strong and portable FST-300 is the most affordable Free Standing Lift System available.

Gluco Quantum Non-Invasive 100% Pain-Free Glucose Monitor



(Not available until 2020)

No pain!  The Gluco  Quantum is a non-invasive 100% pain-free blood glucose monitors that allow a user to monitor blood glucose levels WITHOUT the need to prick a finger.

Patient Lift Slings


Our line of Bestcare Patient Lift Slings offer the highest quality at an affordable price.