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Home Medical Equipment & Safe Patient Handling


Welcome to Hutchison Medical.  We are not just a another company that sells medical equipment online, we are a company with many years of experience selling and installing Home Medical Equipment (HME) and Safe Patient Handling Equipment.  Al Hutchison has been working in the HME business since 1991.  In 2007, he founded Hutchison Medical, Inc.  As a licensed HME provider with the State of Illinois, Hutchison Medical became a contracted provider for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).  From 2007-2012, Hutchison Medical provided hundreds of Portable Patient Lifting Systems in Central and Southern Illinois for HFS-covered recipients.  In 2009, Hutchison Medical launched its HME/Safe Patient Handling Equipment website as well as an Amazon store and an eBay store.​  Hutchison Medical now provides HME/Safe Patient Handling Equipment nationwide.